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About us

The Badino Real Estate Agency was founded in February 1942 and since 1999 the studio has been managed by our family, first by Adriano and Maria, today by Adriano and Valerio, both enrolled at the Genoa Chamber of Commerce both in the former real estate agents and in the section agents for consideration.

Our experience and our skills have allowed us to gain admission to the Role of Experts and Experts in the Estimation and Property Assessment category held at the Genoa Chamber of Commerce as well as UNI 11558: 2014 Real Estate Valuator and UNI / PdR certifications 40/2018 Real Estate Agent.

We have always been characterized by seriousness, professionalism and preparation, trying to offer our customers the best of ourselves. The deep sensitivity towards the needs and expectations of customers, combined with qualified professional competence, are the basis of our way of "acting as mediators". The values ​​that definy our business have led us to formalize the concept that has always characterized our agency: the customer is the center of our business!

In these years we have created a clear relationship with our customers, based on trust, availability and dialogue, an interaction that goes beyond signing a contract. We know  that buying or renting a house is not just a simple economic transaction, but the realization of a life project, a dream come true!

Belonging to FIAIP (Italian Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents) allows us to be constantly updated and prepared about the constantly evolving regulations and market dynamics, in addition to being able to collaborate in Italy and abroad, with more than 50,000 operators of the sector (between real estate agents, credit consultants, tour operators, real estate developers, property managers and managers). -

Since 2016 we are part of RIMit (Italian Real Estate Network), the first Real Estate Business Network established in Italy, a combination of serious, competent and well-established professionals who focus their activity and collaboration on a work system that with extreme pride , has obtained ISO 9001 certification. Belonging to RIMit allows us to be able to offer clients real estate solutions throughout Liguria and beyond. -