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Real estate advertising

For each property offered on the market, we take care of advertising it to the best: we perform photographic and plan surveys, virtual and video tours. We prepare a brochure, which can also be downloaded from our website, with all the necessary information of the property. Through the collaboration with an architectural firm we commission a planimetric survey and, if necessary, a renovation and redevelopment project of the internal spaces that is delivered to the client during the inspection of the building.


When we receive the assignment to promote your property on the market, we verify the urban and cadastral conformity and regularity, the mortgage and condominium situation. Before signing the purchase proposal, the customer can check: the title of provenance; the search and cadastral plan; the mortgage certificate; the report of the condominium administration and the last minutes of the meeting. After the act, we will inform the administrator of the change of ownership and, if requested, we will deal with turning utility contracts upside down.


Usually we do not issue an evaluation of your home when we carry out the internal inspection. The house is not just the roof under which living but often the investment of life savings. The valuation of an immovable property cannot be limited to multiplying the square meters for the value of zone attributed by the real estate dealers. There are many different variables that determine the right price. Therefore every time you ask us for the evaluation of your property, after having carried out the inspection, we will reserve 48 hours to reflect on the real market value, to carry out the appropriate market surveys and evaluate the best marketing opportunities.

Then we will give you a brief written report: we believe it is a way to signify our professionalism by assuming, in writing, the responsibility for the assessment we have attributed.

Assigning a value to a home is serious! we never increase the value to please the owners knowing that amount of money will be impossible! This should not be neither serious nor honest!

Designing a home

We use the expertise and collaboration of leading Technical Studies to solve urban planning and land registry problems. In the case of a building to be renovated, we prepare various design and redevelopment solutions for the building.

Real estate management

Real estate is a resource to be exploited rationally that can be the object of both valorisation and important "returns". The building must always represent an investment that generates income. The in-depth knowledge of costs and revenues is a condition for defining the strategy necessary to optimize the profitability of the investment, it follows that only with careful management is it possible to keep the properties in the condition of being used to the best. Let's talk together ...

Rental service

Our work in the field of rent management takes into account the complexity and delicacy of the subject, which requires in-depth knowledge and constant updating of the new civil and fiscal provisions, which change with ever increasing frequency. We guarantee a constant presence alongside each client in all activities related to the problems of renting. We are also authorized to use the electronic registration service. The services offered for Rental Management are as follows:

Verification of the type of contract to be applied

Drafting Contract and registration with the Revenue Agency through the electronic service

Collection of rental fees

Tax calculation for annual renewals with provision for mod. F24 ELIDE

Application of Dry Coupon and related obligations

Possibility of stipulating a surety policy to guarantee payment of the rents

Calculation of annual adjustment based on indexes I.S.T.A.T.

Managing relationships with the tenant

Annual expenses reports between lessor and lessee

Possibility of using an assistance and emergency service in order to solve the management problems connected to the use of masons, plumbers, electricians, etc.

Tourist rental service

Our core business, the Regional Law 32: 2014, the fiscal and public security requirements, connected to tourist leases, make this sector the most regulated and consequently articulated. By virtue of the mandate with representation conferred by the Customer, we provide for:

Drafting of certifications / certificates of compliance of the systems serving the building.

Construction of the property based on the list of equipment required by regional law.

Insertion of the property in the list of accommodation facilities AAUT (Furnished Apartments for Tourist Use) in the Liguria Region.

Census of the accommodation facility in the Municipality of competence.

Census of the accommodation facility at the competent Police Headquarters.

Retrieval of tenants and drafting of the lease contract.

Online registration of the lease (if necessary).

Check in and check out guests.

Collection of rental fees with receipt of payment.

Constant assistance with an emergency service for any emergency that may arise during the guest's entire stay.

Utilities counts at the end of the lease.

Final cleaning of the accommodation.

Fiscal assistance on the fulfilments related to the leases put in place.


In difficult economic times, the best way to see your finances grow is to invest in real estate, always a form of investment with an excellent degree of security.

Those who really know how real estate investments work can in fact predict and keep the real estate market under control more accurately than many other markets, for multiple reasons linked to the particularity of the market.

For this reason a real estate investment, especially in Arenzano but still on the Ligurian Riviera, can really offer an excellent mix of high profitability and security.


The real estate market increasingly depends on the granting of credit, in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 141/2010, thanks to the collaboration with Auxilia Finance, a leading company in the credit market, we are able to offer personalized advice directly in our office.


The Notary is a figure of extraordinary importance in our legal system. He plays a major social role because he guarantees that the notarial deed is in conformity with the will of the parties and with the laws. He is responsible if the act is invalid because it is manifestly illegal or illegal. We believe that the notarial class in general and of our District in particular is made up of high quality professionals with whom we have been collaborating for years with utmost transparency.